Cybersecurity Or Information Security? Clarifying The Difference

Although there is a general idea of ​​what cybersecurity represents, it is used as a synonym for information security, but it is not entirely correct.

Currently, a widely used term is “cybersecurity,” which can be associated with other words such as cyberspace, cyber threats, cybercriminals or other compound concepts. Although there is a general perception of what it represents, it can sometimes be used as a synonym for information security, computer security or computer security – but this idea is not entirely correct.

The dilemma arises when it is necessary to apply the concepts appropriately, according to the ideas that are intended to be expressed. Although there are different definitions of cybersecurity, it is important to know when it is used correctly according to the context, and to identify its differences with the other terms -for example, information security.

Cybersecurity seeks to protect digital information in interconnected systems. It is included within the security of information

In this publication, we will define the different concepts to know their differences with other terms used in the security environment.

What is cybersecurity (according to ISACA)

In the last edition of bSecure Conference, security professionals from ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) Monterrey chapter, began their participation by defining what cybersecurity is. According to the association, it can be understood as:

“Protection of information assets, through the treatment of threats that put at risk the information that is processed, stored and transported by the information systems that are interconnected.”

The ISO 27001 standard defines information assets as the knowledge or data that have value for an organization, while information systems include applications, services, information technology assets or other components that allow the management of information.

Therefore, cybersecurity is focused on the protection of digital information that “lives” in interconnected systems. Consequently, it falls within the security of information.

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